Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to use “High-Quality Cucumbers?”2022-04-16T17:49:33-04:00

We only buy “Fresh Market Produce” which is what you buy at a grocery store. Our goal is to take our cucumbers from farm to jar in the shortest amount of time possible. Typically, that means our cucumbers are off a farm and fully pickled in just 5 days.

Many cucumbers of lesser quality go to sub-par pickle manufacturers and aren’t fully pickled for 6-12 months. That’s because they’ll use chemicals to try to mimic what we offer by going the extra mile.

Simply, our cucumbers don’t sit for months at a time in a saltwater solution. They’re fresh off the farm!

How did you come up with “Crown Cuts?”2022-04-16T17:48:48-04:00

Few pickle brands actually manufacture their own products, but we’re one of the few that do. So, one day on the production floor, we were changing our cucumber cutting blades, and the idea came to us! We realized we could do something different than any other company, so we decided to patent protect it!

Since we’re from Pittsburgh, also known as the City of Champions, we thought it would be nice to share a crown.

Have your products been tested and are you licensed?2022-04-16T17:47:43-04:00

Yes, and yes! Our pickles underwent testing at the University of Nebraska, where they approved our process and recipe according to FDA regulations. Today, we’re certified by the FDA, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Allegheny County Health Department and even the kosher certification agency known as OU Kosher.

What are the health benefits of pickles?2022-04-16T17:47:15-04:00

Pickles are a great snack and very beneficial to your health, especially when made naturally. Pittsburgh Pickle Co. pickles have zero calories per serving but contain about 20% of your daily Vitamin K requirement. Vitamin K is known to prevent blood clots after injuries. Pickles also contain sodium, fiber, potassium, and Vitamin C. The high sodium content helps the hydration process as it helps the body retain water for a longer period of time.

Are your products Gluten Free?2022-04-16T17:46:41-04:00

All our products are gluten free except for our Chipotle Peck.

Are your products Vegan?2023-07-21T08:06:43-04:00

All our products are vegan except for our Briney Mary.

Do you control your own production?2022-04-16T17:45:35-04:00

Yes, Pittsburgh Pickle Company owns and operates a manufacturing plant responsible for all our items. We also co-pack or private label products of a handful of companies too.

What kind of items do you look to co-pack?2022-04-16T17:45:06-04:00

We’re exceptional pickle-makers. However, we’re also well-equipped to bottle anything into a jar. Reach out to us through the “Contact Us” page if you’re interested in discussing having us co-packing an item.

Does Pittsburgh Pickle Company drop ship?2022-04-16T17:44:23-04:00

We do not. We hope to add this capability one day.

How can I get your products?2022-04-16T17:43:52-04:00

Check out our Find Us page to see if our products are in your area. If not, please reach out to let us know where you’d like to see our products! You can also visit Amazon.com and search for our items.

What can I do to support Pittsburgh Pickle Company?2022-04-16T17:43:00-04:00

There are lots of ways to get involved and support what we’re doing. Using our products is a great start but following us on social media and sharing our content helps too. Educating friends and family about why we’re a better pickle helps immensely!

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